Toilets Of The Future

The Microsoft eToilet will surf the Internet, play mp3s from Zune ( Zune ,, Hmmm That didn’t go aver well at all…Thanx IPOD ) and monitor your health.  The 21″ flat screen on the lid swings out of the way on an arm.  The special gauge inside (based on a composting toilet) will provide web-based dietary recommendations.  Other features include a flush delay if someone is showering, clog detection and water monitoring.  Many people seem most happy about the functions for the seat that will warm it when necessary and lower it when left up by forgetful husbands.

This toilet is designed for someone who wishes to never leave the bathroom.  It’s named the Roto Rooter Pimped Out John. In addition to surfing the Internet and playing music, this thing is equipped with an Xbox 360, Tivo DVR, exercise bike and kegerator. The red button in the picture is not an “Easy” button; rather it is an emergency call button to Roto-Rooter in case something goes wrong.

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