The Cookie Monster Story

Cookie Monster Condoms

Sure, we all know Cookie Monster loves cookies. But behind that googly-eyed, carb-craving exterior lies a delightfully complicated monster. Cookie asks philosophical questions about where cookies come from. He conducts poems about cookies. He’s also in touch with his emotions, bursting into tears when confronted with the horror of an empty cookie jar. The Cookie Monster was born is 1966, The following story book is what the famous Sesame Street star is up to these days.

As you can see Cookie Monster was no easy going relaxed co-star on the show. He at times was very difficult to work with. Many other cast members reported his violent threats and outbreaks.

Concerns  from parents of the shows majority audience  also being reported. Everyone was getting the wrong idea about why Cookie Monster needed cookies so bad . Was he addicted to cookies?

Even through all the rumors and gossip on the set, Cookie Monster still was loved by the kids who religiously tuned into the show. In the early 90′s Cookie Monster had several endorsements. Trojan Brand Condoms where one of them. He also had his own Nike Air sneaker line, and started the ” got milk ?” Slogan.

Cookie Monster in most recent years has been featured on and Fox’s hit show Family Guy.

Just a few months ago Cookie became  WWE heavy weight champion defeating John Cena at Wrestlemania XXVI, making Cena tap out.

BREAKING NEWS: The Cookie Monster was involved in a freak accident today, Involving a drunk kitten tricycle driving hit and run. This Tragic accident ends up changing Cookies life forever. Leaving him unable to perform in the pro wrestling business ever again.

Because of the accident WWE chairman Vince McMahon made Cookie Monster forfeit the  WWE  title. Losing all the fame and fortune that comes with it. Just a few months later The Cookie Monster reportedly joined a gang, started  bank robbing, and home invading. In which he is currently doing jail time for.

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