t shirt

The Official T-Shirt just $49.99 !!!! Want to make a huge impression this summer? The answer isn’t get a new hair cut, Go tanning, Or even get in shape. The answer is get the T-Shirt. No matter how much your Mom, girlfriend, or wife tells you your handsome. YOUR NOT ! Not without the T-Shirt ! Need to make a huge impression on the boss? Wear this baby into work , You might even get that promotion you’ve been wanting!! Wish you were taller?  Throw this bad boy on and instant growth spurt ! ( Please note: Taller effect does not work on midgets ) Thinking of using a male enhancing product?? It’s NOT going to work ! But the T-Shirt will make your penis much larger!

( Please note: penis effect only works on males ) We don’t F$#king need anymore of that transsexual shit in the world !!! Are you balding? The T-Shirt will grow all your hair back, thicker and shinier than it’s ever been! Below is a list of other ailments that the T-Shirt will cure.

Achy back, Soar muscles, Fevers, Gayness, Broken bones, Erectile dysfunctions, Glaucoma, Blindness, Diarrea, Projectile Vomiting, Uncoolness, and even AIDS.

BUY ONE TODAY !!!!!!!!!!

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