Soggy Log TV < Click Here

Watch some of You-Tube’s Funniest SHIT.. Click on the video or link to view more videos of the show.

For more lost parody episodes and real funny stuff check out

If Albert Einstein was alive he would be a fan of Patrick Boivin and his YouTube channel Pretty funny toy videos

For more of Charlie the Drunk Guinea Pig go to

For more of Chad Vader go to Blame Society Films

For more C’Mon Son go to

Edbassmaster is one of the funniest guys ever. Join his YouTube channel Edbassmaster.

Trigger Happy TV was great. Check out this users Trigger Happy TV Channel

This guy is hilarious his name is Jon Lajoie. Go to his You Tube channel < Click Here

Erik Weiner – One Line On The Sopranos < His You Tube Channel

The Phil DeFranco Show : This kid is very funny, He does a News Vlog on YouTube. SXEPHIL

The Fresh Prince Of The Darkside Pranks. Check out his You Tube Channel < Click Here

Improv Everywhere: These guys have some really funny skits < Improv Everywhere Website

I think it was around 6th Grade Adam and myself pulled this prank. Check out the video, and the How To You Tube channel

Ok so he’s not as funny as Tosh, He looks like a douche calling douches, douches. Check out his channel his videos are funny RayWilliamJohnson

Badass videos You Tube channel

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