McDonald’s Vs. Burger King

Welcome to the fight !!!!  This is an Epic battle between the 2 fast food giants, McDonald’s Vs. Burger King. Here are some things to consider, Cooler name, Better iconic figure, Commercials, The Food, and the stories below.
Let’s start with Ronald McDonald:

Check out Ronald layin’ the smack down, maybe this kid pissed him off ! Ronald might be a clown but he will whoop that candy ass !!!!

WHOA !!! Check this out.. Mr. McDonald gettin’ him some action !

And AGAIN !!! No wonder why he’s always smiling !!

Here’s Ron hanging out with a local customer checking out some porn.

WOW !!! This girl just can’t help herself , looks like another score for Mr. McDonald.

Here’s a quite chubbier Ron posing for pictures with local Ronald McDonald groupies. Maybe Ron’s been eating to many Big Macs’

It always wasn’t as easy for Ron. Before the fast food industry really took off you could find him pan handling, and doing other bum related stuff. I won’t go into all the details but let’s just say Ron used to have a real bad heroin addiction.

BUSTED !!! Buying crack cocaine off  undercover N.Y. Police officers.

Shortly after his release this conclusive picture was taken of Ronald McDonald himself at Burger King in Norwich CT. Buying a Whooper !!!

Looks like Burger King uses the “Sex Sells” motto on there new value meals menu. The King showing off his “Family Man” persona. But, We all knew better.. He’s The King. This picture was taken outside a famous Las Vegas night club a few months ago. Looks like the King is pimpin ! The King oiling up one of his beach bunnies in Cali.

Posing for some studly pictures for Playgirl Magazine, The King know “Where’s the beef!” The King hanging out in Hollywood with Iron Man and Darth Vader. Now that’s an Entourage.

BREAKING NEWS : The Burger King has been arrested for allegedly having paid off a hit man that shot Ronald McDonald today in a Manhattan, New York McDonald’s restaurant. The following sketch is what reportedly happened says anonymous eye witness.

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