Iphone 6 revealed by Soggylog.com

iPhone 6

Soggylog inc. got an exclusive look at the new iPhone 6. How did we , not even a real company get such an exclusive hands on you ask? We dug a secret underground tunnel into the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California. Using sheer willpower and a ditch digging application on our Samsung Galaxy s3. We burrowed our way through to the secret iPhone development room. Why use an Samsung Galaxy s3 you ask? Because it’s a much better smart phone, and such an app is restricted by Apple’s App Store. Do you think an iPhone could have muscled it’s way through all that dirt and concrete? The answer to that is Hell no! OK, Back to the story. As we finally entered the room, passing the armed with iPhone’s security guards. We snapped some a very clear image of what is slated to be the new iPhone 6 before the security guards heard us giggling and chased us out of the building while firing many rounds of their IGun app at us. Thankfully neither of us were hit. Enjoy the exclusive image of the new iPhone 6 below. Make sure you ” Like” and share us on¬†Facebook.