Finally DOOMSDAY is here!?

Ah, Judgment Day! That special time of year when you go home to see the folks for Thanksgiving and your grandmother tells you that you look “puffier” than the last time she saw you…Oh, wait, Judgment Day means talking about Doomsday? My bad! In that case, I hope you’re in the mood for a little Rapture! According to Harold Camping, the 89-year-old leader of the Christian fundamentalist network Family Radio Worldwide, the day to repent is upon us, as the world will be ending on May 21, 2011.According to the website, and the countdown clock, we’ve got 4 days to shape up because “The Bible guarantees” Judgment Day will be coming for us. Well— the actual destruction of Earth will take up to six months to come to fruition, but still you get the point.

It should also be stated that Camping has a previous history of some rather inaccurate predictions when it comes to the end of the world. You see, he used to be certain that the world would end come September of 1994, but once that date failed to pan out he went back to studying the Bible and realized his error— May 21st, 2011 it is! We know our boy Ashton Kutcher has been prepping for this day. Are you??

I am so confused… who do i believe Harold Camping or Twitter? let’s see on the 22nd !!!

UPDATE : We are all still here !! Looks like Harold Camping was wrong……Again ! In my option this is another case of an old man losing his marbles ! He’s 89 years old and senile. Forget the fact he said only 2 million people we going to be lifted to the heavens on the 21st. Hey DOUCHE , according to the Bible, children are innocent and they get a free pass ?! There is more than 2 million children on our planet. Hey Har-OLD, The bible also says NO MAN WILL NO WHEN GOD COMES BACK TO JUDGE US. Time for Har-OLD to call it quits. His scam made millions and sucked people in again. We all heard about the appointments he has scheduled after the 21st. Also why would his employees have received a day off with pay for the 21st !?  DOUCHE if their all going to be in heaven on the 22nd, what good is money ? Does God, charge an entrance  fee like Six Flags ? My name is Larry Phillips, I am not a preacher, or radio evangelist, but I have some answers….PayPal me some money and I will tell you them.

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth……B.I.B.L.E.  ( Wu-Tang )