The Internet Battle Of Browsers

The battle of the Internets best browsers. Chrome Vs. Firefox Vs.  Internet explorer Vs. Safari . I think Google Chrome is great, It’s lightweight and fast. It has its crashing problems still and bookmarking skills need Mr. Miyagi’s guidance.  Mozilla Firefox is great and has tons of useful extensions. Bookmarking is the easiest with Firefox also. It also is the most customisable.    Apple users love Safari, which is now available for Windows. Safari, Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your not in the same league. Microsoft’s Internet explorer,,,, well it’s big, bulky, slow, and crashes. I.E. is still used by a lot of noobs. Mostly old people that don’t know there are other browsers on the market.

So in the ongoing epic battle of browsers the winner is : Mozilla Firefox

I made my choice, so you have to choose, too. Please feel free to explain/defend your decision in the comments, if you wish.

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